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Monday, August 1, 2011

Brainstorming tools

What are some of the tools that I use....

    1.The Internet     
     In today's age, information is king.  It is not what you know, it is your ability to know where to find that information.  If I get stuck on an idea or looking for a new idea, I like to turn to the internet.  There is so much information, sometimes too much, on the internet but if i have a question on a project there is usually a forum or website that has the answer.  Basically, Google is my friend.

   2. Journals
     I am 35 years old and I feel that I  grew up between 2 different worlds.   One, the old school ways with paper, pencil, and physical books and two the computer age.   I do like the easy of using computers, but I still like the feel of physical books.  
     When I am designing or free-form creating, I like to sketch on loose, white, blank paper or journals.   My favorite notebook is the . . .

Classic Pocket Moleskine

It is a little expensive, but I love the pocket size and the hard cover.   I like using bigger notebooks too, but hate carrying them around.   With this small size, I have it with me all the time.   I never know when an idea may strike.

     3. Writing Utensils
      I prefer to use mechanical pencils when sketching for the precision of its tip.  I think I like pencils because I was taught to use a pencil before I could use an ink pen.   Up until the past few years, I did not care what type of pen I used.  That was until I found this pen. 

Pilot G2 -07

Pilot G2- oh how I love thee. 

The roller ball smoothly applies the ink to the paper and the ink is smear-free.  The latter being a bonus for me because being left handed other types of ink smear on the paper as I write, but with this pen that no longer happens.

What are your favorite imagination tools that assists your creativity?

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