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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday gift - Treasure Chest

     For my son's birthday, in two weeks, I plan to build a wooden treasure chest to hold the goodie bags. I have the plans roughly drawn out.   The box area will be 1.5' x 1'x 8".  I am planning to document the build this weekend and post it to www.instructibles.com.

     However, the big news I have today is that I found an authentic looking, working pad lock with a skeleton key.   When I first thought of adding the lock,  I figured it was going to too cost prohibitive, but with wonderful ebay, I found a few of them and they were priced reasonably. 

     I can't get a picture of the lock off ebay, but I will post it when it arrives in the mail. But in the mean time here is the auction listing.  Ebay listing of pad lock.

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