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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPhone 3gs digitizer

I like makezine.com's motto, "If you can't open it, you don't own it."   Well sometimes when you try to open it and break it, you do own it for good.  There is no take-backs.

Well,  my wife's iPhone 3gs fell out of her purse and lunckly only the digitizer cracked.   That is the outside screen where all the swiping happens.   So, I looked online on how to fix it and it looked easy.   (And is easy if you follow he directions.)   I ordered the part from ebay, got the part quickly, and the next day I decided to start fixing the phone.  The error in my ways occurs when I did not rereview the disassemble instructions before I began.  (Looking at the videio again I do not think it would have helped, because I had in my mind what I thought was the right place to separate the phone from the digitizer.  

Let's just say that I though to remove the digitizer glass you had to sperate the front cover from the back cover.   This is not the case. (No pun intended.) Once you remove the intital 2 screws on the bottom, the digitizer basically 'falls' out easily without the need to pry the case apart.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube about this subject if you are curious regarding the process.

By tryign to seperate the 2 case halves.  I ended up riping two 2-wire ribbon cables.   The phone now powers on to the apple intro screen but that is it.   Luckly, my wie is eligible to upgrade her phone, so no big problems.  So now I "own" a broken iPhone.   I might scavange the LCD screen and play with it on a microcontroller, but that is another project for another day. 

Until next time.

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