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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Re-purposed electronics and a bonus

     This afternoon I was clean up around the shop at my day job.  One of the items I found was a front loading dryer that caught on fire at a client's house a few months ago.   It was smoke damaged and partly fried.   There was no longer a need to keep it, so off to the recycle yard.
      But, before I loaded the dryer on to my truck, I pulled out my screw gun.   I wanted to part out the push buttons and LEDs from the front face of the dryer.   After I took off the cover, I uncovered the printed circuit board where the buttons and LEDs were attached.  To my surprise the entire PCB was covered in 1/2" of epoxy.   So, saving the buttons are out the question, but I will be able to recover about a dozon LEDs.  They will just have shorter that normal leads.

      I loaded the dryer in the bed of my truck, but before I lifted the tailgate I noticed something staring me in my face. . .  
     One of my favorite new websites is Relax Shack/ Tiny Yellow house.  I found this Video Blogger, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, through the Makezine video podcast.   (check out iTunes).   He is a funny, entertaining guy who is leading the movement of tiny temporary living/get-a-way/fort structures.  So what does this have to do with what was staring me in my face.

    Well, back to my story. . . what I was looking at was the circular door of the dryer and it reminded me of this video from Deek in his video series "Tiny Yellow House"

      As you will learn in upcoming posts, I am working on plans to build a tool shed to store my lawn equipment so I can move them out of my workshop.  My goal is to build the entire shed out of recycled materials.   Therefore, this circular dryer door will be added to my collection.
       Right now the current status of materials for the build is the dryer door and some 2x4's.  I still have a ways to go before I can begin the build.   Although my shed will not be tiny as some of Deeks' projects, I hope to include his spirit of construction into my project.

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