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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Son's 4th Birthday.

My Son wanted a pirate party for his 4th birthday.   So my wife and I made a scavenger hunt for him and his friends.   Since my younger son was almost a 1 years old, I thought it would be good to build a boat around a wagon so my younger son could keep up with the older kids.  The most fun I had on this project was painting the ship. And this was probable the fastest project I have done in a long time.  It took about 3 hours total.  Most of that time was waiting for layers of paint to dry.
     I like when projects like this get used multiple times.  A few months later my wife and sons used the wagon in a charitable fun walk.   It fit right in with the theme.   There team name was the Whale Watchers.   So I told my wife that the boat was Ahabs.  She was not too fond of my Moby Dick, whale killing, reference at a kids event.

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