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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Podcast Listenings and 'The Amp Hour'

I listen to an assortment of podcasts as I drive around town in my truck for work.   Including a few comedies from movie director Kevin Smith's Smodcast.com's line up to some Ham Radio podcasts.   I recently started to search for podcasts on electronics and came across this one, The Amp Hour.

The hosts are Dave Jones from the EEVblog in Sydney Australia, and Chris Gammell from Chris Gammell's Analog Life are 2 electrical engineers who discuss a wide a range of topics related to electronics.   Being a novice in electronics and electrical design, I find there discussions entertaining and informative.  They both are very knowledgeable and familiar with the inner workings of the industry.

After listening to The Amp Hour, I made my way over to Dave Jones' site, EEVblog, and found some great video blogs.  I liked on his website the Amazon page that listed tools that he recommended for beginners and discusses in one of his vlogs.   One item in particular that I saw was the electronic parts starter kit.   Up to now, I had been ordering parts that I need for my projects one by one, but have always wanted a grab bag of general parts for the times when I am "experimenting".  So this looked like a good solution.

Check out 'The Amp Hour' and the EEVblog,  you will not be disappointed.

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  1. cool, I love listening to the amphour, as well Kevin Smiths smodcast shows. Hollywood babble~on with Ralph Garman being one of my favorites.